Summit Hygiene Products

  • Do you find that your toilet tissue comes out in handfuls or that it often falls out of the dispenser on the floor?
  • Do you find that your hand towels dispense folded instead of open or they fall out of the dispenser?
  • Do you find that your soap dispensers leak and clog up?
  • Do you have to re-stock your toilet roll dispenser before the last roll has run out?

There is a specialist solution: click here to request more information.

Reduce hidden costs in your business

How many hidden costs are there in the servicing of your washroom dispensers? Let us help you identify them and reduce them: click here to request more information.

Always Try Before You Buy

We like you to be totally confident in our products, and will offer a trial of any dispenser so you can see just how they benefit you.

Upgrade your washroom at NO COST

If you want to upgrade your washroom, you can have a free consultation and demo of our dispensers.

Do YOU have a green washroom?

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