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Victor V9 Tub Vacuum Cleaner

Product Code: 39-016

Victor V9 Tub Vacuum Cleaner - Pack of 1


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Victor V9 Tub Vacuum Cleaner

Powerful suction and proven effective filtration make the Victor V-9 one of the most productive tub vacuum cleaners available.

One of the very best ways of creating an indoor airborne health hazard is to suck all the bacteria, fungal spores, dust mite faecal particles, and any other particulate allergens out of the floor covering, and then blow them liberally into the surrounding air, where they travel easily from room to room contaminating the whole building.

The Victor V9 HEPA 9 litre tub vacuum, in tests, achieves an efficiency of 99.9965% - passing only 35 particles per million which is 8 times better than the standard allows.

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