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GoJo Hand Medic Conditioner 500ml

Product Code: 12-005

GoJo Hand Medic Conditioner 500ml - Pack of 6

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GoJo Hand Medic Conditioner 500ml

GOJO Hand Medic Antiseptic skin treatment quickly improves the condition of rough, dry, damaged skin, restoring it to a healthy appearance. Hand Medic helps protect and maintain the natural barriers the skin needs to stay healthy and clean up faster.

  • Use Hand Medic before and after work to prevent dry, chapped hands.

  • Gentle, yet affective antiseptics kill germs and help the healing process.

  • Water-based formula of Hand Medic contains no silicones, oils or added fragrances.

  • Hand medic is safe to use under latex gloves.

  • Absorbs quickly without the greasy feel of many other creams

  • Restores and maintains the skin's natural moisture level and elasticity.

  • Hand Medic may also be used as an after-work after-care cream

This hand conditioner is used only in GoJo dispensers - ask today for details