A North Shore 'FOLDED' Hand Towel Dispenser

Product Code: 80-031

North Shore 'FOLDED' Hand Towel Dispenser - Pack of 1

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North Shore 'FOLDED' Hand Towel Dispenser

Designed to meet the most demanding of environments, North Shore’s Folded Hand Towel Dispenser has been engineered to offer anti-blocking technology to deliver high efficiency through single sheet presentation. Easy to use with robust one sheet dispensing, the Folded Hand Towel Dispenser limits consumption and ideal where space is at a premium.

High capacity reduces the need for janitorial maintenance

Single sheet presentation means you only touch what you use, delivering excellent hygiene performance

The most effective method of preventing washroom germ spread vs hand dryers

Easy to use making it perfect for use with children

Dims: Height 265mm | Width 223mm | Depth 101mm

Dispensers available in Blue, White and Black and are available FREE ON LOAN with qualifying orders - ask today for full details!

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