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Aona UltraBac Sanitiser Cleaner - 750ml Spray Bottle

Product Code: 33-189

750ml Spray Trigger Bottle of Aona Ultra Bac Sanitiser Cleaner - Pack of 6

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Aona UltraBac Sanitiser Cleaner - 750ml Spray Bottle

Kills Swine Flu, HIV, Hepatitiss C, MRSA and Clostridium difficile.
Registered to: EN1276, 13704, 1605, 14476 and 14675

Aona Ultra-Bac Sanitiser Cleaner is an essential, everyday product in the fight against cross infection.  It is particularly suitable for use in the care sector.  Also ideal for use in all public places including schools, sports facilities, gym equipment, hotel washrooms, animal handling etc.  Pleasantly perfumed and safe to use on all common water washable surfaces.

Directions: For damp mopping and killing food poisoning bacteria - dilute with 40 parts warm water.  Mop or wipe surfaces down as normal and leave to dry.  For protection against Swine Flu dilute 1 part to 10 parts water and trigger spray onto surfaces. Wipe with a cloth and leave to dry.  Heavily solied surfaces should be cleaned prior to disinfecting.

Also available in a 5 Litre Tub
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