Summit Hygiene is the Home of the Hyclenz Brand and more recently the Aona Brand.

As we live in an ever changing world, the need of good Hand Hygiene is increasing, as technological development requires use of hand held gadgets and keyboards, sometimes which are also used by others.

Whilst employees, customers and visitors bring germs and bacteria into the workplace, good hand hygiene keeps it at bay, bringing maximum performance and efficiency into your workplace.

Hyclenz products help to combat the spread of germs.

The brand has also extended to promote better workplace comfort and products to increase efficiency. Look out for Hyclenz!

aona brand
The Aona Brand covers a ever-growing range of cleaning solutions covering Washroom areas, General - all-purpose Cleaning and Floor Cleaning and Maintenance.

Our latest products in the range is our new Aona ReDose - eco-friendly, dosing system.
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