Specialist Sectors


We supply a wide variety of Schools, Colleges and Universities covering a range of ages and both privately and publicly funded establishments. We pride ourselves in being School specialists and making site and facility managers' jobs easier. Click HERE for further info.


We supply many organisations that provide a location or facility for persons in an office environment. These include office blocks, cleaning contractors, facility management companies, landlords and many other type of organisations.

Food Processing

Many food processing and/or handling organisations currently buy a wide range of products from us, from safety wear to washroom consumables to hygiene brushes and equipment - Click HERE for further details.


Infection control is one of Summit Hygiene's top priorities and we provide specialist solutions to a large number of healthcare organisations such as hospitals, surgeries, dental clinics, care homes and mental health practices. We also supply a selection of products via the NHS Supply Chain - Click HERE for further details.

Local Authorities

We help many government based organisations with our specialist washroom and cleaning products. Waste reduction and cost control is essential for district, town and borough councils and for the emergency services too.

Leisure and Hospitality

Summit Hygiene help many organisations that provide a venue for pleasure or business purposes for a specific motive, including airports, shopping centres, hotels, museums, service stations, sports and social clubs and many more.

Warehouse and Distribution

Many organisations that involve the handling of goods or services buy a wide range of products from us, from washroom consumables to cleaning chemicals to safety wear.